Thursday, January 1, 2009

A new year, sock monkeys, and a wedding!

It's been MONTHS since I've posted on this blog - mostly because the sock monkey production has been on hiatus, with only a few being made for special orders. Why? Lots of reasons - including a really hot sewing room in the summer, tons of real work (yay!), and most importantly... my daughter and future son-in-law got engaged in September, just as the room was cooling off!

Now that the holidays are over, I'm going to try to get the sock monkeys rolling again. It's great stress relief for me, and I'm hoping to find a new place to send the funds, as I'm not doing the 3 Day in 2009. If you have any suggestions, please send me a line or three!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all humans and simians alike!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sock Monkeys Rally for Obama in Michigan!

Less than 50 days to go in the election... and in Macomb County, Michigan, sock monkeys are rallying for Obama! This photo, taken a recent event, captures the diverse support for the next president of the USA! Young and old, sweet and sassy, they know a great candidate when they see one. Music was provided by JSB Squad, with an acoustic set prior to the rally.

Only a couple more weeks to get registered to vote - don't waste a minute of it! Remember... the world is run by the sock monkeys who show up!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Naptime in Sockmonkeyville

Well, not all the sleepy critters in Sockmonkeyville are of the Simian variety. Tommy, our 10-1/2 year old cat, has chosen snuggling in with my own sock monkeys as a great way to get some quality rest. In fact, if you look at the left of the picture, you'll see the paw of a kind of sock monkey style stuffed cat doll that he's plopped right down on. Life is blissful in Sockeymonkeyville. Time to catch some kitty zzzzzz's!

Some new faces here and gone...

While the eBay part of my sock monkey domain has been quiet, I've been making a few sock monkeys to raise some money for my walk or for gifts. The angel - "Another Dawn" was commissioned by a truly angelic and heroic Dawn. Fifi and Tina's Bowling Fairy were for raffles at fundraisers for my team - The BC Babes. Let's not forget Emeline's naptime babysafe sock monkey, currently named "Monkey."

And then there was a special request for the apple of my eye - Anna! She asked for a sock monkey for her birthday... and there she got her wish! In fact, her wish is my very command! She spend a weekend with me this summer, and I introduced her to her first sewing machine experience... One rectangular fleece pillow may be starting her on her own sock monkey adventure in the future!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Got them sock monkey blues....

So I thought I was going to be caught up on sock monkeys. Then I had to go and have some family issues, and then there's my day job... Right now, I'm achin' to finish the 4 sock monkeys that are 1/2 done here - all of which are for private orders. The next eBay-bound sock monkey will be in honor of my Uncle Lawrie, a 40+ year survivor. In fact, he will be a blue monkey, in recognition of the blue ribbon used for male breast cancer awareness. In the meantime, I'm trying to get done what I can get done. Keep an eye on this blog for the next sock monkey to be listed on eBay!

Rose is Living with Rose!

In a most happy turn of events, Rose adopted Rose! How wonderful is that? And the best part... I got to sample some of Rose's deeeeeelicious cookies! Even MORE wonderful!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A few words about Rose...

In the 7 years that I've been involved in the 3 Day Walk, I've met some very interesting people. I feel that these folks fall into my life for reasons that may make sense only to me - and one of these people is Rose, for whom the newest sock monkey is dedicated. I met her in 2006, and I was wowed by her energy, enthusiasm, embrace of life, and sunshine personality. Rose is an inspiration to me, and when I look at this picture (which I also have at my desk), I am reminded to enjoy life's gifts - even when you think you might have just gotten the booby prize (some pun intended!). Rose is a survivor in many ways, and I am absolutely delighted to think of her as a friend. To know her is to honestly love her, and it's not often in the world that we meet someone who makes us feel so great - just by smiling at us. So, Rose, this sock monk's for you, dedicated with admiration and affection! (Rose is playing Monkey in the Middle in this picture, I think!!!)